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S1 Senior 66" Composite Stick

S1 Senior 66" Composite Stick

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The Snipe 1 is a composite stick made from a blend of fiberglass and carbon fiber for durability and comes with a grip shaft for better feel. The Senior model comes with a P88 blade, an 85-flex shaft, and a mid-kick point and is available in multiple color options. The kick-point of a stick refers to the point where the stick flexes. For competitive, semi-pro, and pro players, the kick-point is a pretty big deal. Watch some pros and you'll notice how the kick helps with their shooting style. For most recreational and ball hockey players you will not notice a difference. Some players with a fast release wrist shot will prefer a mid-kick point style of stick. What is the Kick-Point? The kick point of a stick is where the stick is designed to flex the most. Composite Hockey sticks are made up of many layers of thin, stiff, lightweight, durable carbon fiber weaves and various patterns of interlocking carbon fiber sheets.

SOHO strives to decrease the weight across all flexes for an improved release point for both the recreation and advanced player.

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