MYLEC MK5 Youth 42" Composite Stick

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THE LATEST IN STICK TECHNOLOGY! The new state-of-the-art MK5 composite stick features a DURATECH carbon composite shaft with concave side walls for ideal handling, and a mid-kick point for enhanced ball control, and a foam core blade with added ABS insert on the bottom for enhanced durability on all surfaces.

Mid/Open Curve – 30 Flex

  • A perfect durable, low price point stick available in senior, junior and youth.
  • An ABS insert in the blade allows the MK5 to be used on ANY surface (ice, roller, dek, cement, asphalt, etc.) and won’t wear down as fast as a standard composite stick!
  • Our durable MK5 Composite stick with integrated ABS blade technology makes this model perfect for the competitive ice, inline, or ball hockey player.



SOHO HOCKEY was created to integrate the heritage of street hockey with today's engineering advancements in both Dek and Ice Hockey stick design.