The S1 Phantom Edition (Low inventory)

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The Snipe 1 Phantom Edition is a lightweight yet strong versatile stick.  It is made of fiberglass and lightweight carbon materials with a mid-kick release point on most versions designed for quick release shots. The shaft is a bright, vibrant colored shaft, equipped with grip technology on the shaft and comes in three different flexes all with different kick points. Three sizes available, designed for the advanced player who knows that their game stands out against the competition. 

The junior stick is 57" in length, it is constructed with a 50-flex shaft and a P92 blade. The P92 will assist in lifting shots up in the air.

The Intermediate stick is 63" in length, it is constructed with a 65-flex shaft and a P92 blade.

The Senior stick is 66" in length, it is constructed with an 85-flex shaft and a P88 mid - curve blade.



SOHO HOCKEY was created to integrate the heritage of street hockey with today's engineering advancements in both Dek and Ice Hockey stick design.